Mission & Values

Fairly Literary was started as a project to help people understand the value of libraries and to highlight what library workers do. The goal of this website is to help readers discover stories that speak to them and share resources to make their reading lives richer. Fairly Literary also aims to connect readers with actionable ways they can support libraries and fight book banning happening across the United States that is heavily impacting books featuring LGBT and POC stories.

All About Mel

Hey, I’m Mel! I’m a non-binary witchy pal and use they/them pronouns. Books have been a special interest throughout my life that have helped me understand myself and the world around me. I love stories featuring LGBT characters and can recommend you lots of horror books that aren’t by Stephen King.

I also know a lot about skincare and makeup and could probably be a beauty influencer if I was able to apply my makeup on camera. Want to know which beauty brands by celebrities are worth your time? I have several ranked in my head. I’m also the person to come to if you have thoughts you need to share about celebrity drama (listen, Ned was always my least favorite Try Guy).

I’m a librarian by day but do digital marketing on the side and have written blog posts and optimized SEO websites for psychics who have been on RHOBH and fitness coaches. I live with my wonderful, adorable, and romance-novel-love-interest-worthy fiance and our two chaos demons cats. Looking for me? I’m probably wearing headphones listening to Chloe Moriondo or Taylor Swift eating a snack or researching something random on the interwebs.